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success by the numbers

More than two decades of lease audit experience has led to millions of dollars in client savings. Here are a few examples:


$13 million

Recovered $13 million in erroneous rent payments through the audit of cell site leases for a major wireless network. The correction of rent payments going forward substantially increased the savings to the client.


$7.6 million

Discovered that a 15% instead of 3% annual increase was entered in the client’s database for a long-term lease. Correction of this error avoided a potential overpayment of $7.6 million over the term of the lease.



Discovered an amendment that provided an increase of $3,000 to annual rent was erroneously entered to pay $3,000 per month. At the time of the audit, rent had been overpaid $36,000, which was recovered for the client. Without correction, rent would have been overpaid the sum of $938,000 over the lease term.



Recovered $776,358 in landlord overcharges  for CAM, tax and insurance charges for a national retail client.



Identification of an overlooked amendment to reduce office space and implement an annual operating expense cap resulted in recovery of $188,286.



Landlord erroneously excluded certain tenants and contributions from the pro rata share denominator resulting in $40,470 in real estate tax overcharges.



Disallowed expenses were included in initial operating expenses, impacting the annual cap going forward. Correction resulted in recovery of $35,266.


your investment


We offer a variety of fee structures to best suit your needs. Many of our lease audit clients benefit from our risk-free contingency fee basis. If we do not recover money for your company, we do not charge a fee. 

We also offer a free review of up to five leases, with no obligation. Send us up to five leases with accompanying operating expense statements, and we will provide an assessment of potential billing errors that could lead to savings. 


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