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Recovery & Discovery
Lease Audit Process & Benefits

Real estate represents a significant portion of your business expense, and costly landlord billing errors are common. A major portion of the cost of a commercial lease includes the tenant’s obligation to contribute to the landlord’s operating costs. A lease audit is a thorough analysis of lease provisions and landlord charges to confirm that the amounts billed to the tenant are correct. It involves a detailed review of:

  • Lease documents
  • Operating Expense or CAM statements
  • Rent escalation progression and payment
  • Percentage rent calculations
  • Other miscellaneous charges

The audit may also include an on-site review of the property management’s books and records, as well as public records and other data.

We prepare detailed documentation of billing and payment errors and then work with your landlords to resolve those errors. Benefits of our lease audit include:

  • Recovery of lost profits
  • Prevent future billing and payment errors
  • Clarification of lease terms
  • Improved future lease expense forecasts

Advisory & Administration
Lease Administration Process & Benefits

Your core business is not lease administration, yet you find yourself faced with the task of managing your growing real estate lease portfolio. Real estate costs typically rank just below payroll expenses for many businesses, yet the size of your portfolio isn’t large enough to warrant a dedicated in-house staff person.

Even if you do have dedicated real estate administration staff, they are often overwhelmed and lack sufficient support to do their job with excellence. We have the lease management tools to provide you with the information you need to make sound business decisions:  

  • We will abstract and maintain your leases in our database or yours so you will always have current information available.  
  • We can also save you money by identifying and correcting landlord billing errors before your payments are out the door.

We will tailor our services to meet your needs. Let us handle your lease auditing and administration so you can focus your efforts on your core business.

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